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After a detailed inspection of your home or business, we help you select the best treatment option for your needs.

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We use the latest and most effective techniques to solve your pest problems fast - while still keeping your family, pets, and the environment safe.

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Unlike some companies, our treatments are engineered to work the first time - keeping you pest-free longer.

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Residential Services

Offering safe, effective, and green pest control solutions with your family in mind.

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Commercial Services

We offer a wide range of industrial solutions to eliminate pest problems and keep your business pest-free.

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Pest Identification


Rats are prolific breeders which makes timely attention to infestations extremely important.

Rat Health Concerns

Rats can spread disease throughout their feeding ground - which if you have an infestation is likely your kitchen.

Rat Identification

Rats are most easily identified by their droppings and by noise - though seeing a rat is not uncommon.


Mark H.

New York, NY

I have been using Absolute Death for over 3 years and give them my highest recommendation. After signing a lease for our apartment, we were dismayed to find it on Bed Bug Registry. A call with Absolute Death, and subsequent check up, relieved our fears. While we didn't have bed bugs, we signed up for a monthly spraying to keep our apartment pest-free. We have been incredibly happy with the results. The service is affordable and they use an organic spray, a big plus. Mike is an extremely friendly serviceman who always addresses our needs. Experienced, knowledgeable and reliable.

Adam M.

Brooklyn, NY

Once upon a time, I moved into a filthy apartment.  There were roaches everywhere.

We called absolute Death.

Didn't see another roach for 2 and a half years.

Cayden L.

New York, NY

We saw a rat running through the kitchen at 10pm and by 11pm on was on the phone with Frank, who spoke to me for a half hour about everything rat related. Next day Absolute Death showed up punctually and took care of the problem professionally. We also used Absolute Death a few years back for bedbugs, which was also effective.

Highly recommended.

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