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Residential Services

Offering safe, effective, and green pest control solutions with your family in mind.

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Commercial Services

We offer a wide range of industrial solutions to eliminate pest problems and keep your business pest-free.

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Pest Identification


Rats are prolific breeders which makes timely attention to infestations extremely important.

Rat Health Concerns

Rats can spread disease throughout their feeding ground - which if you have an infestation is likely your kitchen.

Rat Identification

Rats are most easily identified by their droppings and by noise - though seeing a rat is not uncommon.


Anna Maria D.

New York, NY

Absolute Death is Awesome!

We were literally ready to move out of our beautiful, but roach infested apt. We had used another exterminator for 6 months, but the problem wasn't getting better. The guys at Absolute are super friendly and knowledgeable, and work around my erratic freelance schedule. After 2 visits, it feels like living in a different apartment. We are so happy!! These guys will fix your problem, don't mess around with anyone else!!!

Oh and I forgot to mention that their products are pet and child friendly, it doesnt get batter than that!

Adam M.

Brooklyn, NY

Once upon a time, I moved into a filthy apartment.  There were roaches everywhere.

We called absolute Death.

Didn't see another roach for 2 and a half years.

Joseph S.

Manhattan, NY

This place is amazing.  I just moved into a new apartment and saw mice coming from the my closet and under the fridge.  I called Absolute Death and although they had no available appointments that day, they managed to fit me, providing same day service.  The two guys that came to my apartment were very friendly and informative.  They did an extremely thorough job going through my apartment and seeling all the holes where the mouse entered from.  Just overall great customer service and great thorough work.  I haven't seen anything since.  I highly recommend!

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