How to get rid of ants

Ants are resilient which means that before you begin your treatment plan, you must first identify what type of ant infestation with which you are dealing. Different types of ants are attracted different food sources, have different habitats, and have different patterns of behavior and therefore require different techniques to eradicate them.

Don't: Spray Ants

You should never spray any chemical pesticides or insecticides on ants you might see. Ants live in colonies so killing the few that happen to be crawling around the kitchen floor will not do much to stem the infestation and more importantly, spraying chemicals on ants means that they can carry those chemicals all over your house.

Do: Use Ant Bait

The best way to deal with ants is to leave some sort of bait like an ant trap. Ant traps have toxins in them mixed with something sugary that attract the worker ants. They then brings back the poison to their colony and other ants eat it, thus making it an effective to way to exterminate the entire colony.

Home Remedies For Ants

Some people prefer home remedies to store bought ones. You can trace the ants back to where they are carrying their food (usually some sort of crevice in the wall or floor) and sprinkle dried grits over the area. Ants need moisture to survive and once the dried grits are ingested, they absorb all of the water from the ants and cause them to die.

When To Seek Professional Help

You should be warned that ants are very hard to manage and home remedies and bait traps often result in frustration and failure. Remember that the longer your infestation goes untreated, the larger your problem will be. If you’re ant infestation is driving you crazy, it is best to call a professional.


Ant Facts:

  • Live in colonies.
  • Black or brown in color.
  • Depending on species, can range from 2mm to 13mm.

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