Do you have Fleas in bed?

Surprisingly, it's not unusual to find fleas in bed & bedding.

While fleas are typically attached to a host to feed off of their blood, it is not unusual to observe flees in bed and bedding. This is especially common if you share your bed with pets. If your bedding hasn’t been washed in a while there’s a chance fleas were living in/on your bed/bedding during their development stages. A flea can take weeks to hatch from an egg and go through the larvae pupa stages. So it is important to regularly wash bedding to help keep your bed from becoming a breeding ground.

Bug I don't have pets!

While less common, you can have fleas without having pets. Fleas can attach to your clothing while walking through tall grass or near other hosts. Fleas can jump up to 14-16 inches horizontally and 6-8 inches vertically, which makes it fairly easy for a flea to find its way on to your clothing or body.

So you have fleas... what now?

Luckily, fleas are fairly easy to get rid of - in most cases you can get rid of fleas without the assitance of a pest control professional. To learn more, see how to get rid of fleas.

Flea Facts:

  • 1/16" to 1/6" long.

  • Reddish brown in color.

  • Can jump 14-16 inches horizontally and 6-8 inches vertically.

  • Dite consists of the blood of warm-blooded animals.

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